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Mission Statement: 


Company Name: David's Green Energy Solutions

About: We educate residential and commercial consumers on the benefits of making a responsible and clean energy choice.  With so many solutions available, our focus is to make sure our clients are informed with all the facts to make a sound decision when it comes to selecting their energy solution. 

List of Products:

  • Solar Solutions for residential and commercial buildings, roof top, ground mount and solar farms designs from the leading solar companies, experienced quality installers with the best finance options available.

  • Solar Storage Options are becoming more affordable to homeowners and businesses, minimizing their dependency on the utility grid while providing an emergency battery backup solution. 

  • Energy Management System from Satic USA protects your electrical system from harmful EMF while cleaning and conditioning your power. Adding these affordable filters to your electrical system results in less energy consumption, reduced electric bills and extending the life of your expensive products or appliances. All Satic USA products are all UL, FCC, CE and Energy Star certified.

  • SaticUSA High quality LED efficient light bulbs.

  • Satic USA Portable Solar Generator is an 1100-watt 90 Amp Hour Lithium Ion Battery with a built in charge controller. Expandable with 12V marine style batteries for increased capacity. This unit supports up to 600 Watts of Solar or wind power input provide continuous power usage and charging capability. Ideal for campers, workshops, tiny homes, boats, food trucks, outdoor excursions and events.

  • Guaranteed Savings Energy Supply Service, this innovative technology is a subscription service that removes the hassle of switching energy suppliers for you. This software is designed for consumers in a deregulated states and markets with the sole purpose to save the consumer money and add value. Service is available for both commercial and residential customers saving time and a guarantees yearly savings.



Phone: 978-866-0026





Location: Tewksbury, MA



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