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Meet Jackie Fernandes of Yoga Inc


Workplace exercise programs and wellness programs have been proven over and over to produce better than original investment returns. Your employees are one of your biggest investments. Give them an unforgettable experience and set your company apart from competitors not offering such a perk. 

Jackie Fernandes launched Yoga Inc. in 2014 to bring a unique health & wellness benefit to the workplace, one that benefits employers and its employees. She leverages her corporate experience to provide programs that provide tools and techniques that individuals can use in and out of the office.

Yoga, Inc offers a different kind of wellness program for your workplace, one that sets you apart from the competition. Increase your bottom line by offering a program that improves morale, reduces stress, increases productivity, reduces absenteeism due to illness and prevents injuries that occur due to repetitive motion. 

Yoga Inc. creates customized fitness, mindfulness, and yoga programs and workshops that focus on balancing emotional, mental and physical health. Contact us today to get started.

Phone: 603-867-1599



Meet Jamie Deignan of Ambit Energy


Almost every one of us uses electricity or natural gas on a daily basis. That’s why Consultants who start a business with Ambit Energy have a strong advantage over traditional network marketing opportunities. Simply by helping friends, family and new contacts save money every month on their energy bills, Ambit Consultants begin earning residual income immediately.

Jamie Deignan and her husband John are raising their five children in the Merrimack Valley. They are excited that their homeschooling will lead to five colleges of choice because of their Ambit business. They are excited to share the Ambit Opportunity with many others who have been trading time for money for decades. They see and have experienced incredible potential in Ambit's lucrative compensation plan. The financial benefits include monthly residual income, free gas and electric supply and large bonuses for saving a handful of family and friends some money. Beyond the financial gains, their Ambit Community has allowed them abundant life changing opportunities through connections with so many other business professionals who are open to additional streams of income on a part time business venture. 

Find out more from Jamie about the remarkable benefits that come from starting your own Ambit business.

Phone: 617-955-0024




Business Networking Tip - Be Persistent

If you ask me to describe what it is like to be an entrepreneur in one word, I would say persistence. What is persistence? It’s a firm continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition. Growing a business is hard and it takes a lot of work, but you cannot give up. We all know that there are going to be up times and down times when running our business. It’s during those down times that you want to panic or bail out. Be persistent. I always say that if it was easy, then everyone would start their own business. I have faced incredible challenges that have made me question running the networking group and hosting so many events. The time, energy and knowledge that you need to have and give can be overwhelming. I know through persistence and hard work that everything has and will work out. This is your dream! Be persistent.

Business networking tip - Be where you are suppose to be

I have found that I always make great connections at events that I don’t want to go to. I get invited to a lot of events. I host a lot of events. As I write this book, I am currently hosting twenty business networking events a month. Sometimes, it can be very challenging to find time to attend events. Sometimes, I am just tired after a long day and don’t want to go out. You all know that feeling. Despite these challenges, I do try and support my friends when I can and you know what, it seems these are the times I meet someone and find out they have a need for my service or the service of one of my clients. So now, whenever I am tempted to back out of an event, I think about how many times keeping that commitment has lead to a really awesome connection.  Also, it makes you a good person to support your friend.

Kevin Willett is the Author of One Connection How you can grow your business (and change the world) one connection at a time. The business networking book is available on Amazon at

Kevin is also the CEO of the Friends of Kevin Networking Group. To see a list of upcoming events please visit their website at  

Business Networking Tip - Control Your Devices

I was at an event recently that allowed everyone 1 minute to speak about their business. When it was my turn to speak I looked around the room and the majority of the people were looking down at their phones and a few of them had even brought their tablets and were using those as well. Now that is simply rude, both to the event organizer and the people speaking.  It was especially rude when they only stopped texting long enough to take their turn speaking! When you are at an event put your phone on silent or vibrate during it. I do understand that emergencies do happen but let’s be honest; the majority of texts and emails can wait until the end of the event. Pay attention to the speakers at networking events they may be your next big client. If they see you are not paying attention, they are not going to bother with you or your business. Please, control your devices. Don’t let them control you. 

Kevin Willett is the Author of One Connection How you can grow your business (and change the world) one connection at a time. The business networking book is available on Amazon at

Kevin is also the CEO of the Friends of Kevin Networking Group. To see a list of upcoming networking events please visit their website at 

Business Networking Tip - The Golden Rule of Networking

We all know that networking is about building trust and getting people to know, like, and trust us. But sometimes we forget. We get excited and go right into our sales pitch. You should buy my widgets. (I use the word widgets so that I don’t offend anyone. If you sell widgets don’t worry. I’m not talking about you.) Of course, when no one buys our widgets, we get mad and stop networking because it’s stupid and doesn’t work.

Let me suggest a different approach. Next time you attend a networking event, focus on helping the people you’re speaking with. Ask them a few questions about their businesses. Find out who would be good clients for them. Try to think of people you know who may be good referral sources for them and ask if they’d like to meet those people. Typically, people will be so excited that you offered to help them, without trying to sell them anything, that they’ll ask how they can help you. Notice that you didn’t have to ask for help. They volunteered.

You might be thinking, “But Kevin, what if they don’t offer to help you back?” That’s okay, just consider it a deposit in the karma bank. Never keep score or expect a referral from everyone you give a referral to. Life doesn’t work that way. Always do the right thing for the right reason and things will work out for you.

Kevin Willett is the Author of One Connection How you can grow your business  (and change the world) one connection at a time. The business networking book is available on Amazon at

Free Business Networking Tips Webinar - How to follow up

Monday, June 1, 2015 - 7:00pm - 7:30pm

On Monday June 1st I am hosting a free business networking tips webinar on how to follow up with people you meet. The Webinar is from 7pm to 730pm. I will speak for about 15 minutes and then I will answer questions on the topic for about 15 minutes. Space is limited to 25 people and registration is required. Here is the link to register please feel free to invite your friend.

Friends of Kevin Pet for Adoption of the Day is Baxter

I’m Baxter, an older gentleman who might look a little grumpy, but is pure sweetness inside! I’m twelve years young, and while I’ve mellowed in my mature age, I still enjoy playing with my favorite toys from time to time. When I not playing, you can usually find me snoozing and lounging in one of the comfy beds here at HSFN. Since I am mellow most of the time I need a home with adults only. I have lived with other pets before though, and probably wouldn’t mind doing so again. I promise I won’t ask for much from you, and know that I’ll make my new family a wonderful companion. Come meet me, and while you’re at it give me some chin scratches if you don’t mind- they’re my favorite! The Humane Society is located at 24 Ferry Road- I hope to see you soon.


To adopt these pets, contact the Humane Society for Greater Nashua (HSFN), 24 Ferry Road, Nashua. Hours of operation are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday noon to 5 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The shelter is closed every Wednesday. Keep an eye at for more information, available pets, and to download applications. Or call (603) 889-2275 with any questions.

Friends of Kevin - Ilene Richard- Illustrator / Painter


Name: Ilene Richard

Description: Illustrator / Painter

Location: Western Avenue Studios Studio 325






Friends of Kevin Pet for Adoption of the Day is Ashen the Cat

Name: Ashen

Age 12 yr old Domestic Shorthair.

Information Looking for a big masculine cat with a laid-back personality to keep you company? Then Ashen might be the purr-fect guy for you! He is a mature mellow fellow who does well with other animals. He enjoys being petted and having your attention, and loves his treats! Ashen would probably prefer a quieter adult home where he could while away the hours in the company of a new friend, maybe as a lap warmer! Do you have room in your home and heart for a "Big Love" who really needs you?

Location: Lowell Humane Society 951 Broadway street 978 452-7781