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Kevin Willett

Business Networking Tip - The Golden Rule of Networking

We all know that networking is about building trust and getting people to know, like, and trust us. But sometimes we forget. We get excited and go right into our sales pitch. You should buy my widgets. (I use the word widgets so that I don’t offend anyone. If you sell widgets don’t worry. I’m not talking about you.) Of course, when no one buys our widgets, we get mad and stop networking because it’s stupid and doesn’t work.

Let me suggest a different approach. Next time you attend a networking event, focus on helping the people you’re speaking with. Ask them a few questions about their businesses. Find out who would be good clients for them. Try to think of people you know who may be good referral sources for them and ask if they’d like to meet those people. Typically, people will be so excited that you offered to help them, without trying to sell them anything, that they’ll ask how they can help you. Notice that you didn’t have to ask for help. They volunteered.

You might be thinking, “But Kevin, what if they don’t offer to help you back?” That’s okay, just consider it a deposit in the karma bank. Never keep score or expect a referral from everyone you give a referral to. Life doesn’t work that way. Always do the right thing for the right reason and things will work out for you.

Kevin Willett is the Author of One Connection How you can grow your business  (and change the world) one connection at a time. The business networking book is available on Amazon at

Free Business Networking Tips Webinar - How to follow up

Monday, June 1, 2015 - 7:00pm - 7:30pm

On Monday June 1st I am hosting a free business networking tips webinar on how to follow up with people you meet. The Webinar is from 7pm to 730pm. I will speak for about 15 minutes and then I will answer questions on the topic for about 15 minutes. Space is limited to 25 people and registration is required. Here is the link to register please feel free to invite your friend.

Friends of Kevin Artist of the Day is Rufiya Blank - DeveZon Floral Design & Creation

Name: Rufiya Blank

Business Names: DeveZon Floral Design & Creation

Location: Western Avenue Lofts, Loft 218





Friends of Kevin Pet for Adoption of the Day is Ashen the Cat

Name: Ashen

Age 12 yr old Domestic Shorthair.

Information Looking for a big masculine cat with a laid-back personality to keep you company? Then Ashen might be the purr-fect guy for you! He is a mature mellow fellow who does well with other animals. He enjoys being petted and having your attention, and loves his treats! Ashen would probably prefer a quieter adult home where he could while away the hours in the company of a new friend, maybe as a lap warmer! Do you have room in your home and heart for a "Big Love" who really needs you?

Location: Lowell Humane Society 951 Broadway street 978 452-7781


Friends of Kevin Artist of the Day - Tracy Levesque


Name: Tracy Levesque

Business Name: Tracy Levesque Fine Art

Description: Lévesque's chromatic paintings are a life long love affair with nature and a tribute to the incredible world we have the priviledge of living in.







Friends of Kevin Pet for Adoption of the Day is Tyson


Age and Breed: a 3 year old lab/pit bull mix.

Bio: I am a very fun and sweet boy. I love to go on walks and run around. I give a lot of head-tilts! I came to the shelter because my owners did not pick me up from doggy day care. I can go home with other dogs and teens+. Because I still have some puppy behaviors, I am going to require a small training deposit. I've been at the shelter for over 3 months and REALLy want to find a family of my own!

Location: Lowell Humane Society

Contact information: Lowell Humane Society 951 Broadway Street Phone 978- 452-7781


Friends of Kevin Artist of the Day - Ze Liang Photography

Name: Sam Liang

Business Name: Ze Liang Photography






Sam Liang is a Boston-based wedding photographer who specializes in modern and non-traditional wedding photography. Some of his favorite weddings are multicultural, same-sex, and those that incorporate DIY details. He loves capturing real emotions and candid moments. His style is bright and colorful, which reflects his clients' personalities. He really gets to know his clients and it helps him document their love.




Friends of Kevin Artist of the Day - Adrien Bisson Photography

Business Names: Adrien Bisson Photography

Location: Western Avenue Studios, A405





Friends of Kevin Artist of the Day - Peter Zimmerman from Mill City Glass Works

Name: Peter Zimmerman

Business Name: Mill City Glass Works

Location: Western Avenue Studio